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International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction Management

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Department of Civil Engineering
Mar Athanasius College of Engineering,
Kothamangalam, Ernakulam ( Dist.) Keraka 686 666, INDIA

 Conference Papers
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1 Feasibility and Cost Based Analysis of Leed V4
N Amrutha Sudhakar* and S Shrihari
2 Barriers to Mechanization and Automation in Indian Construction Industry
Ashna Sadique* and Gangadhar Mahesh
3 Management and Control of Risk for Infrastructure Projects in Indian Perspective for Upper Bhadra Tunnel Project
K K Hariprasad* and V R Sastry
4 Risk Based Cost Contingency Estimation for Bulk Material Handling Plants
Reeba Annie Mammen*, Gangadhar Mahesh and G Srinivas
5 Risk Identification and Analysis in Procurement of Specialised Items in Metro Rail Projects
Sai Krishnan R*, Gangadhar Mahesh and Parthasarathy M K
6 Identification of Factors Affecting the Success of Safety Programs in Construction Sites and Analysis of these Factors Using Gap Analysis
Shyam Mohan* and C Rajasekaran
7 Formulation of a Framework for Construction Safety
Nikhil Roy and Jeevan Jacob*
8 Structural Response of Offshore Wind Turbine Tower
Gijo Kuriyan* and C G Nandakumar
9 Analytical Investigations on the Pullout Capacity of Vertically Loaded Plate Anchors
Jijina V* and C G Nandakumar
10 Dynamic Characteristics of Atypical Launch Vehicle
Lekshmi Priya S*, K Balakrishna Rao and T Sundararajan
11 Estimation of Load Carrying Capacity of Sandwich Ship Panel
Hanna Paulose* and C Prabha
12 Experimental Investigation on Optimization of Reinforcement in Composite Columns Based on Buckling
Vishnu Prasad* and Arun N R
13 Effect of Type and Orientation of FRP in RC Beams Using ANSYS 14.5
Rosemol K George* and T Ashok Kumar
14 Study on the Effect of Layer Thickness on the Seismic Performance of Base Isolator
Rambha K R* and Alice T V
15 Structural Behavior of Coupled Shear Wall Based on Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
Merin Mathews* and C Prabha
16 A Study on Lateral Displacement of Monopile of Offshore Wind Turbine in a Layered Soil
Neenu Maria Jose* and Alice Mathai
17 Study of Performance of Friction Pendulum Bearing in Multi-Storied Buildings
Basil Sabu* and C Prabha
18 Dynamic Analysis of Stiffened Cylindrical Steel and CFRP Submarine Pressure Hull
Chinku Alphons Tom* and Alice Mathai
19 Study on Performance of Prefabricated Ferrocement Columns and Wall Panels
Lakhan Murari* and Elson John
20 Response of RCC Slab Subjected to Air Blast Loading
Jinju Jose C, Athira Rajan* and Bennet Kuriakose
21 Experimental Investigation on Buckling Behaviour of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Column
Arun N R, Gopika J S*, Navya K Francis Arya P V and Radha Lakshmi Pillai H R
22 Effect of Shape Factor in Slender Columns
Arun N R, Nubaila P H, Keerthi Krishna A K, Surya R G and Reshma Pillai*
23 Properties of Plastic Fibre Reinforced Cement Stabilized Soil Blocks
E K Kunhanandan Nambiar*, C K Subramaia Prasad and Benny Mathews Abraham
24 Study on Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate Using Quarry Dust
Ansu John* and Elson John
25 Super Plasticizer Saturation Dosage for Reactive Powder Concrete Using Marsh Cone Test
Sarika S* and Elson John
26 A Study on the Properties of Air-Entrained Concrete Masonry Blocks Using Aluminium Powder
Indu Susan Raj* and Elson John
27 Study of Properties of Sustainable Concrete Using Slag and Recycled Concrete Aggregate
Basil Johny*, M V George and Elson John
28 Studies on Use of Steel Fibers and Basalt Mesh in Concrete
Aiswarya Sukumar* and Elson John
29 Bond Strength, Abrasion and Permeability Test on Fibre Reinforced Repair Concrete
Jatin Zia* and Sachin Paul
30 Green Construction Technology Using Geotextiles Reinforced Earth Block
Arun N R, Haritha G H*, Suryajith S, Vimitha Maria Varghese and Habeeba Abbas R
31 Stability Analysis of Soft Clay Stabilized Using Stone Column
Akhila Shaji*, Asha Anil, Haripriya M, Rajeswari K R and Geethu Thomas
32 A New Concept in the Design for Filament Wound Composite Pressure Vessel
Rajesh P Nair* and Ramesh Kumar
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