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  Latest Issue of International Journal of Engineering Research and Science & Technology
   Volume 4, Issue 4, November 2015
 Research and Review Articles
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   1 Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antenna for UWB Applications
Poonam G Kutale* and Swapnil Lahudkar
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   2 Assessing Pipeline Integrity Using Single Run In-Line Inspection Data
Offiong I Akpanika* and Patrick N Inyang
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   3 Line and Word Segmentation of Handwritten Gurumukhi Text Document: A Review
Payal Jindal* and Balkrishan Jindal
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   4 Inter-Annual Variation of Surface Refractivity in Dry and Wet Months Over West Africa
Ajileye O O*, Onyeuwaoma N D and Kolawole I S
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   5 Comparison of the Mechanical Properties of Sand and Gravity Die Cast Aluminium Scraps
Adeoti M O, Abolarin M S, Olaiya K A* and Binfa Bongfa
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   6 Application of Organic Fertilizer from Livestock Waste to Increase Inorganic Fertilizer Use Efficiency in Tomato Crop Cultivation
Syafrullah, Neni Marlina*, Gribaldi, Iin Siti Aminah, Gusmiatun, Khodijah, Dali and Yani Purwanti
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   7 Interaction Study of Egg Albumin with Two Antiviral Drugs by FTIR
S Bakkialakshmi* and B Bhavani
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   8 Lossless Text Data Compression Using Modified Huffman Coding - A Review
Harsimran Kaur* and Balkrishan Jindal
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   9 Strength Appraisal of Concrete Using Metakaoline and Fly Ash
Dipali S Borse*, S S Bachhav and S K Dubey
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   10 Optimal Digital Control Approach for MPPT in PV System
N Ashok Kumar*, K Meenendranath Reddy and G Venkata Suresh Babu
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   11 Numerical Model of Thermal Diffusivity for Pempek Lenjer Boiling
Railia Karneta*, Amin Rejo, Gatot Priyanto and Rindit Pambayun
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   12 Analysis of Influence of Silt/Clay Impurities Present In Fine Aggregates on the Compressive Strength of Concrete
Ayodele F O* and Ayeni I S
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   13 Stability Enhancement in Micro Grids Using Virtual Inertia Controller
M Sailaja*, Seetha Chaithanya and G Venkata Suresh Babu
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   14 Comprehensive Analysis of Image Filtering Techniques
P Anil Babu* and V S R Kumari
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   15 Design of HVAC for A Corporate Building Using AHU
V V Prathibha Bharathi*, A KalyanCharan, V Poojitha and V V NagaDeepthi
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   16 Study on Vertical Machining Center
V V Prathibha Bharathi*, A Kalyan Charan, V Poojitha and V V Naga Deepthi
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   17 Adaptive Control Scheme for a Dual Topology of Unified Power Quality Conditioner
K Spandana* and G Venkata Suresh Babu
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   18 Kinetic, Thermodynamic and Equilibrium Studies on Adsorption of Alumina and Zinc Ions onto Activated Carbon from Hull Seeds of Moringa oleifera
M Harouna*, C Tcheka, D Abia, D N Kobbe, B B Loura and J B Tchatchueng
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   19 Radiation Protection in Design of PET-CT Facility to Reduce Doses for Occupational Personnel and Patients
N M Sirag* and A Z Hussein
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   20 Maya Crude Oil Primary Naphtha Thermal Cracking Representation by Model Compounds from Piona Analysis
Pavel Rizo-Acosta*, Guillermo Villagran-Gutierrez, Jose A Davila-Gomez, M Teresa Linares-Vallejo and Jose A Munoz-Arroyo
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   21 Change in Index Properties of Black Cotton Soil Due to Acid Contamination
Sojil Jain* and Rajesh Jain
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   22 Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Punching Process Parameters
Arpitpal* and GauravAcharaya
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   23 Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Cold Rolling Process Parameters for Strain
Ashish Mandloi* and Abhishek Yadav
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   24 Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Cold Rolling Process Parameters for Stress
Ashish Mandloi* and Abhishekyadav
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   25 Implementation of Carry Select Adder Using D-Latch Approach
T V Srinivasa Rao* and K Hari Krishna
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   26 Implementation of Power Optimized Razor-Based Multiplier
V L Prathyusha* and N Suresh Babu
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   27 Implementation of Fast Radix-10 BCD Multiplier for Speed Optimized Applications
Shaik Naziyan* and N Suresh Babu
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   28 Implementation of Low Latency AES Based on Obfuscating Technique
I N Bindhu Madhavi* and S A J Mani Kumar G
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   29 Comparative Analysis of Modified Booth Recoder with Modified Wallace MAC for Power Critical Applications
A Venkatesh* and A Sirisha
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   30 Power Efficient Implementation of FM0/ Manchester Encoding Architecture
R V Jayasri* and K Hari Krishna
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   31 Realization of Input Test Data Volume Reduction Using Xmatchpro Technique
Ch Bharath Venkatesh* and V Srinivasa Rao
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   32 Power Quality Improvement Using Bridgeless Buck-Boost Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive
N Lakshmipriya* and R Sathya
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   33 A Novel Control Scheme of Quasi-Resonant Valley-Switching for High Power Factor AC to DC Led Drivers
V Maheskumar* and T Poornipriya
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   34 Analysis of PMSG in Wind Integration Using T Source Inverter with Simple Boost Control Technique
Ayyappan S*, John Simon Raj A, Elavarasan P and Sathish K
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   35 Supervisory Control in Smart Home with Renewable Energy Based On DCS and Zigbee
Ayyappan S*, K Arulprabha, P Manjula and G Selva Priya
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   36 Renewable Energy Source Based 9 Level Converter with Minimum Switches for Distributed Generation
M Karthika*, Latha L R and Roopa C
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   37 ZSI-DVR Elimination of Shoot through Problems and Deep Sag Compensation with HFL Controller
Kavitha Chenna Reddy*, D Satish Kumar and Geetanjali Pawanekar
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   38 Mixing of Waste Foundry Sand in Concrete
M Sowmya* and J D Chaitanya Kumar
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   39 Partial Replacement of Cement with Metakaolin in High Strength Concrete
CH Jyothi Nikhila* and J D Chaitanya Kumar
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   40 Seismic Pounding of the Adjacent Buildings with Different Heights
M Phani Kumar* and J D Chaitanya Kumar
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