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   Volume 4, Issue 2, May 2015
 Research and Review Articles
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   1 An Evaluation of Existing Methods for Assessment of Above-Ground Biomass in Forests
Vandana Sharma and Smita Chaudhry
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   2 An Efficient Adaptive Filter with Low Adaptation Delay Using Least Mean Square Algorithm
R Shofia Preethi* and T Jayachandran
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   3 On Architectural Influence Using Goals and Use Cases
Arfan Mansoor*, Detlef Streitferdt and Franz-Felix Fubl
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   4 A Novel Active and Reactive Power Controller for Standalone DFIG Based Wind Energy Conversion System
Rahul Charles C M*, Thara Mohanan, Sudheesh S and SerinKurien
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   5 A Review on a Genetic Algorithm Based Spectrum Sharing Strategy Using Energy Efficient Clustering for Cooperative CR Networks
Durgesh Sahu* and Prabhat Patel
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   6 Analysis of the Printed Microstrip Antenna for Ultra Wide Band Applications
Poonam G Kutale* and Swapnil L Lahudkar
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   7 Face Recognition Based Attendance Management System by Using Embedded Linux
T Muni Reddy*, V Prasad and N V Ramanaiah
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   8 Performance and Economic Study of Desalination in Tubular Solar Still
Shitosh Dillu*, Amit Medhavi and K D Chinchkhede
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   9 Manual and Automated Functional Size Measurement of an Aerospace Real-time Embedded System: A Case Study Based on Scade and on Cosmic ISO 19761
Hassan Soubra*, Laury Jacot and Steven Lemaire
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   10 Floating Agricultural System Using Plastic Waste for Vegetables Cultivation at Swamp Area
Neni Marlina*, Syafrullah, R Iin Siti Aminah, Gusmiatun, Rosmiah, Midranisiah, Yani Purwanti and Gribaldi
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   11 Numerical Simulation of Thermo-mechanical Behavior of Evaporators Fan in a Negative Cold Room
IBOM-IBOM Aloys-Marie, EDOUN Marcel* and KUITCHE Alexis
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   12 Reduction of Leakage Current in Six Stage Charge Pump Using Stacking Power Gating Technology
P Vimal* and S Yuvaraj
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   13 Design and Analysis of Compact Stretcher with Rubber Shock Absorbers
Sachin N Waghmare*, Nikhil Sawant, Sneha Dhumal, Navnath Kedar, Prathmesh Patil, Prasad R Dambe
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   14 Manufacturing Flexibility through Computer-Aided Process Planning and Cell Selection
Molu O Olumolade*
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   15 Biogas Production from a Field Batch Biogas Digester Using Cow Dung as a Substrate
Patrick Mukumba* and Golden Makaka
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   16 Development of a Direct Passive Solar Dryer for Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)
Ikrang E G*, Onwe D N and Onda D O
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   17 Improvement and Validation of Vision Based Autonomous Robot
R Mahalakshmi*, R Pavithra, Poorvaja Shankar, G Kannan and P Thamarai
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   18 Influence of Electrode Material on Quality of Blind Holes Machined Via Electric Discharge Machine (Die Sinker)
Ahmed Raza Khan*, Muhammad Awais Ahmad, Nauman Munir and Zubair Rashid Butt
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   19 Energy Conservation on Wireless Sensor Node and Network Using Free Energy Resource
G Jaya Kumar* and J Senthil Kumar
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   20 Labview Based Real Time Online Data Acquisition System for Wireless Sensor Extended Networks
R Vaitheki*, P Rajasekar, S Shyamaladevi and P Sebastin Ashok
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   21 Secured Image Transfer through DNA Cryptography Using Symmetric Cryptographic Algorithm
R Sridevi* and S Karthika
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   22 Design and Implementation of Microwave Doppler Radar Sensor for Speed Sensing System
A Karthiga* and A Ashlin Jeba
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   23 Radioactivity Concentration in Milk Consumed In Nigeria
K Emumejaye*
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   24 Assistive Text Reading System for Vision Impaired Person
R Priya* and A Ashlin Jeba
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   25 Performance Improvement IN T- AODV with Stable Election Ad-Hoc Network (SEAN) in MANET
Jaiveer* and Nishant Anand
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   26 Effective Heuristic Solution for Cluster based Wireless Sensor Network Design Problem
Reshma Jayesh Rasal* and Gajanan S Deokate
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   27 High Strength Concrete Incorporating Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Steel Fibres: A Review
Arvind Nakum, Vishal Patel and Vatsal Patel*
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   28 Third Party Auditing for Cloud Storage
Kedar Jayesh Rasal* and Sandip A Kahate
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   29 Recirculating Ball Screw
Supriya Kulkarni*, Prithviraj Kajale and D U Patil
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   30 Lipase Catalyzed Biodiesel Production from Delonix Regia Oil
P R Deepu Krishnan*, G Ram Kumar, S Sakthi and K Swaminathan
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   31 Design of Linear Motion Guideways
Amit U Pawar*, Apurav A Wagh and D U Patil
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   32 The Parametric Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Process on Aluminium Alloy 6082-T6
Sumit Jain, Preety Mor, Rajat Gupta and Pardeep Raman
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   33 An Efficient Implementation of Power and Area Optimized On-Chip Network Coarse-Grained Processor
Yalavarthi Ramakrishna Paramahamsa*
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   34 An SOC Implementation of High Speed OCP Switch Architecture
Yalavarthi Ramakrishna Paramahamsa*
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   35 Investigation of Machining Parameters on SS304 Material
Krishnamoorthy W*, Saravanan G and Senthil Kumar T
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   36 A Study of Premature Failure of Bituminous Road: Jabalpur- Patan Road: A Case Study
Vivek Pagey*, A K Singhai and R K Yadav
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   37 A Field Study on Causes of Failure of Bituminous Pavements
Vivek Pagey*, A K Singhai and R K Yadav
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   38 Design Carry Select Adder with D-Latch
Satish Kumar Patnayak*, M Raja and D Sailaja
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   39 Design and Implementation Bit Level Optimization of Adder-Trees for Multiple Constant Multiplication for Efficient Fir Filter
Gunda Hymavathi*, K Kiran Kumar and D Sailaja
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   40 Implementation of Data Encoding Techniques for Reducing Energy Consumption in Network on Chip
Konduri Gayathri*, Ch. Cury and D Sailaja
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   41 High Speed Comparator Architecture for Fast Binary Comparison
Parisa Suresh*, M Raja and D Sailaja
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   42 High Speed Vedic Mathematics Multiplier Using Compressors
Modugu Vasmsi Krishna*, M Raja and D Sailaja
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