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   Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2015
 Research and Review Articles
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   1 Detection of Normal ECG and Arrhythmia Using Artificial Neural Network System
Prachi Garg and Ajeet Sharma*
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   2 Energy-Efficient Reliable Routing for Increasing Life Time of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
M Savitha, N.Jayapal and M.Kanimozhi
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   3 Study of the Effect of Liquid Level on the Static Behavior of a Tank Wagon
J O Trejo-Escandon*, A Leyva-Diaz, P A Tamayo-Meza, L A Flores-Herrera and J M Sandoval-Pineda
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   4 A Novel Approach for Shadow Enhancement in High-Resolution SAR Images Using the Cubic Spine Interpolation Algorithm
M Ragul Kumar* and J Shiny Arpudha
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   5 Improvement of the Sensor Coverage Density and Life Time Network in Wireless Sensor Networks
N Bakiya*, C Rangasamy and M Ragulkumar
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   6 Model-Based Testing for Large Business Information Systems: A Method with Script Based Test Technologies
Khalid Ebanhesaten*, Detlef Streitferdt, Franz-Felix Fussl and JirkaCiemala
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   7 Design of Low Power and High Speed Double Tail Comparator Using Clock Gating Method
R Manopriya* and M Karthik
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   8 Multiclass Classification of Mammogram Images with GLCM Features
S Murali and P Sathees Kumar
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   9 A Pass Transistor Based D Flip-Flop Design Using Negative Edge Triggered Circuit
R Dhivya Bharathi* and M Sunil Karthik
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   10 Adsorption of Rhodamine B in Aqueous Solution by Activated Carbon from the Seed Husks of Moringa oleifera
M Harouna*, G Baiboussa, D Abia, C Tcheka, B B Loura, J M Ketcha and Ileana Denisa Nistor
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   11 Impact of Implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems on Environmental Performance: A Case Study
Ho Lee Lee* and Law Puong Ling
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   12 Seismic Performance of Steel Frames Equipped with Buckling Restrained Brace
Luay almnini*, Hala Hasan and Amjad Al-helwani
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   13 Green Routes to Synthesis of Anthraquinone Derivatives via Friedel-Crafts Reaction under Solvent Free Conditions Using Solid Acid Catalyst
Uma V Chudasama*, Shrinivas V Ghodke and Tarun F Parangi
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   14 Efficiency Research of Heaters in Diesel Engines
Zlata Bracanovic*, Velimir Petrovic, Branka Grozdanic, Duro Borak and Slobodan Jankovic
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   15 Performance of Air Conditioning System Using Air Cooled Condenser with Water Atomization
Abdullah Alotaibi*, Mohmoud Awad and Ahmed Hamed
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   16 A Hardware Realization of Multipoint Electronic Device Using Fpga and Neural Network
Shefa A Dawwd and Ula F Ahmed*
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   17 On Visualizing the Price Distribution Information of Rice and Wheat across India
Naresh Kumar Nagwani, Kesari Verma and Shrish Verma
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   18 Improved Algorithm for Visual Cryptography Using Region Incrementation
Priyanka Agrawal* and Vijay Kumar Sharma
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   19 A Statistical Evaluation of Some Heavy Metals in Groundwater, Taiz, Yemen
Essam S A Alsharabi*
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   20 Numerical Simulation of Nucleate Boiling Case Using Fluent
Sphurti Sweta*, Suresh Kumar Badholiya and Santosh Dixit
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   21 Measurement of Uranium in Different Seasons in Ganges River Water in Allahabad Region
Akash Khare, Prabodha Kumar Meher, Prerna Sharma and Kaushala Prasad Mishra*
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   22 Optimization of Bonnet Thickness for Pedestrian Safety by Using Hypermesh and LS-DYNA
Jagdish Patil*, H G Patil and P D Patil
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   23 Harmonics Mitigation Using Fuzzy Controller for Grid Connected Doubly Fed Induction Wind Generators
Sathriya A*, Rajesh T and Rajeshwari S
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   24 Paper Has Been Deleted
Nikhil S Patel* and P D Patil
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   25 Hashins Failure Criteria In-Plane Stress Numerical Model Correlated to Tensile Tests
Kim Martineli Souza Goncalves*
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   26 Physical Characteristics of Wave Propagation in Soil Medium
K Arulanantham* and K Vengateswaran
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   27 Design Considerations to Minimize Staff Doses in Nuclear Medicine Units
Nadia M Sirag* and Abd Elrazek Z Hussein
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   28 Mass Transfer on Nucleate Boiling: A Review
Sphurti Sweta* and Suresh Kumar Badholiya
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   29 Design of Pulse Triggered Flip-Flop and Analysis of Average Power Using Pass Transistor Logic
R Mohana Sundari* and A Syed Musthaba
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   30 Improvement of the Sensor Coverage and Life Time Mobile Computing Network in Wireless Sensor Networks
M Sindhuja* and M Kamalanathan
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   31 A New Approach to High Efficiency Logic Transistor Based Sleepy SRAM Using 130 Nm Technology
M B Vaishali* and N Porutchelvam
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   32 Pass Transistor Based Conventional Data Flip Flop Design
S Chindhu* and S Thenappan
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   33 Optimization of Process Parameters of Diffusion Bonding In Titanium with Stainless Steel
Arun S, Harikrishna N, Jahangir A J*, JeganathPrabhu A, Edwin Lyonal W and Mahadevan G
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   34 Design and Fabricated Pneumatic Operated Forklift
K Nanthakumar*, M Arun, K Ranjith kumar, R Sabarinathan and K Yuvaraj
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   35 Material Characterization of Aluminum Hybrid Composite for Clutch Plate
M P Navin* and R Deivasigamani
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   36 An Adaptive Control and Improvement of Power Quality in Grid Connected System Using Power Electronic Converters
L Nagarajan and K Jothiswari*
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   37 A Novel Analysis and Design of ANFIS Controller for Resonant Converter Fed Servo Motor
S Suganya* and S Ragul
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   38 Comparative Study of the Effect of Using Different Types of Portland Cement on Alkali-Silica Reaction of Concrete Aggregates: A Comparison
Ravi Agarwal*, U S Vidyarthi, N Sivakumar and B K Munzni
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   39 A Research on Brain Tumor Segmentation Using K-Means Approach Simulation Results
Kommu Naveen*, Raghu Kumar Lingammallu and P Bhagya Laksmi
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