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   Volume 3, Issue 2, May 2014
 Research and Review Articles
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   1 Escherichia coli as a Model Organism
Muhammad Kamran Taj, Zohra Samreen, Ji Xiu Ling, Imran Taj, Taj Muhammad Hassani and Wei Yunlin*
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   2 Depositional Environment of Bima Sandstone in Hinna Community in Yamaltu/Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State, Nigeria and Its Economic Importance in Construction
Obiora F I*, Yashi J, Sani R O and Mondigha E B
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   3 Interacting Blends of Commercial Unsaturated Polyester Resin with Acrylated Ketone (Acetone) Resin
Kandarp H Patel*, Kaushik S Patel and Basantilal Hiran
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   4 Study on Dyed and Finished Modal, Cotton and Modal/Cotton (50:50) Blend Fabrics for their Color Strength and Fastness Properties
R Radhika* and J Jeyakodi Moses
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   5 Coupling of Two Purification Methods: Ammonium Sulphate Precipitation and Aqueous Two Phase Systems
Aditi D Daftary and Archana Upadhya*
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   6 Flexural Fatigue Failure Analysis of Glass Polyester Unidirectional Angle Ply Composite Laminate
K Vasantha Kumar*, P Ram Reddy and D V Ravi Shankar
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   7 Beneficiation of Low Grade Iron Ore Fines by Magnetizing Roasting
Jyoti Sharma* and T Sharma
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   8 Implementation of Haptics Engineering In Atm for Physically Challenged
Jarina Raihan A* and Hemalatha S
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   9 Guided Waves for Damage Monitoring In Plates for Notch Defects
Ramandeep Singh*, Shruti Sharma and Sandeep Sharma
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   10 Effect of the Low Density Polyethylene Carry Bags Waste on the Asphalt Mixture
Einas Ibrahim Ali Musa* and Hago El Fadil Haron
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   11 Data Aggregation with Less Delay Requirements for Wireless Sensor Networks
Angelin Peace Preethi* and R Varatharajan
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   12 Quantitative Estimation of Phytosterol from Two Medicinally Important Plants of Cucurbitaceae
Sangeeta Samria and Renu Sarin*
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   13 Recent Advances in Wavelet Modulation
Umabati Laishram* and A M Nagaraj
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   14 Acceleration Garner Form Amble
P Pavan* and T V Ananthalakshmi
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   15 Online Book Sales in E-Commerce with Multilingual Support and Mobile Alert
S Monisha*, K Sangeetha and S Annapoorna
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   16 Implementation of Green Wave System for Vehicles
V Bali Reddy* and A Suvarnamma
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   17 On Inference Proof View Processing of Xml Document for Hospital Management System
E A Vimal, S Keerthana*, P M Suganthi and S P Suganyasre
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   18 Enactment of Scada System for Judicious Dwelling
Mohammed Tabrez Ud Doula* and G Kalaimagal
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   19 Hand Posture Recognition Using SVM Techniques
K Praveen Kumar* and Bhakkiyalakshmi R
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   20 Refrigeration Cycles and Systems: A Review
S K Kalla* and J A Usmani
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   21 The Effect of Total Quality Management on Overcoming Some Production Problems in the Oil Industry in Libya
Abdalla Alsaidi*
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   22 Present Challenges in the Performance of Coal Fines Dewatering Circuit
S Kumar*, S Bhattacharya, N R Mandre and R Venugopal
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   23 Paper Has Been Deleted
Nitish Kumar* and Sukhwinder Singh
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   24 Synthesis and Characterization of Magnesium Modified Mobil Five (MFI) Zeolite
Jitu Saikia*, Kishor Kr Shah and Anup K Talukdar
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   25 Evolution of Phosphobacter from Salinity Affected Soil in Amaravati District
N W Bagalkar*
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   26 MEMS Accelerometer Based Password Recognition System Using GSM
K Chandrasekar* and M Surumbar khuzhali
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   27 DFIG WTG Plant Electrical Faults Analysis and the Rotor Side Converter Overcurrent Solution Approach
ATIGO Kossi Cheche*
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   28 Research in High Technology Product Producing Factory
Prashobh Karunakaran*
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   29 Solar Energy Based Effective Power Dissemination Executive System
R S Deepak*
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   30 A Novel Router Control Mechanism for Congestion Avoidance in CDMA Communication Using MATLAB
Dikkala Anusha* and Selvaraj P
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   31 Interacting Blends of Novel Acrylated Polyesters Based on Dgeba and S-Triazine Containing BIS Acid
Keshav C Patel*, Neeta D Patel and Mohsin A Belim
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   32 Numerical Study of Anti-Synchronization of a Natural Satellite (Enceladus)
Mohammad Shahzad and Mohammad Raziuddin*
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   33 FPGA Based Wireless Jamming Networks
G M S Vishnu Charan* and S Hannah Pauline
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   34 Debittering of Citrus Fruit Juice by Naringinase of Penicillium purpurogenum
Mandakini B Patil* and Abhijit B Dhake
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   35 Reconfigurable Accelerator for Biometric Search Engine Using FPGA and MATLAB
P Rajasekar*, G Sundar, P Sebastin Ashok and S Shyamaladevi
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   36 Deinking of News Paper Pulp by β-Glucosidase of Penicillium purpurogenum
Mandakini B Patil* and Abhijit B Dhake
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   37 Effect of Pollution on Antioxidant Defense in Various Tissues of Scale Carp, Cyprinus carpio communis (Lin.)
Vidyasagar Gummadavelli, Ravi Shankar Piska and Pavan K Manikonda*
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   38 Effect of Lime and Rice Husk Ash on Engineering Properties of Black Cotton Soil
Dilip Shrivastava*, A K Singhai and R K Yadav
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   39 Determination of Quantitative Content of Lectins in Dregea volubilis
Mandakini B Patil* and Kalyani V Deshpande
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   40 ARM7 Based Automated High Performance System for LPG Refill Booking & Leakage Detection
S Shyamaladevi*, V G Rajaramya, P Rajasekar and P Sebastin Ashok
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   41 Design of an On-Chip Permutation Network for Multiprocessor SOC
P Sebastin Ashok*, AYogananth, P Rajasekar and S Shyamaladevi
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   42 Robust Control of Robotic Manipulator
Ashraf Mishkat* and Neelam Verma
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   43 Design of Hydraulic Spring Loaded Rail Clamp of Shipunloader
K S Arjun* and P T Peter
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   44 Environment Effects on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate in API 5L X70 and X80 Steel Pipelines
S M Beden*
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   45 Mathematical Model for Face Drilling in Underground Mining Operation
V Vidyasagar*, P N Belkhode and J P Modak
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   46 Geotechnical Study of Waste Material of Lime Factory and Its Effect on CBR of Soil Sample
Aniket Goriya*, A K Singhai and R K Yadav
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   47 Automatic Meter Reading Using Zigbee with Renewable Energy Resource
T V Anathalakshmi* and P Naveenkumar
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   48 Comparative Study of Energy Performance of Kerosene, Electric, Wood and Charcoal Stoves
K K Ikpambese*, P Ager and T D Ipilakyaa
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   49 Chlorogenic Acid from Coffee Waste as a Preservative against Bread Spoilage
Nirmal kumar G*, Yogesh S, Saravanakumar P, Dhayananth N and Rameshbabu N G
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   50 Remote Data Access for Control OF TCP/IP Network Using Android Mobile Device with Fast Transfer of Images
Vaibhav Muddebihalkar* and R M Goudar
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   51 Design and Performance of On-Chip Memory Architecture Exploration of Embedded System Analysis on Chip
G Ravi Kumar and S Lakshmi
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   52 Performance of Synchronization with Multiplierless Design on FPGAS
B Maheswara Rao* and V J K Kishor Sonti
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